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Calling All Coin Collectors

BRG Happenings | PUBLISHED 02.01.18 | Jennifer Ventresca
Call for consignments, coins

For coin connoisseurs, there is something fascinating about the design, the weight, the feel of coins in their hands. Whether it’s the overall mint or the types of metals used, collectors love the hunt for special pieces to add to their collections. Do you have a collection or rare coin (or two) ...?

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NEW! Incredibly Versatile BRG Gift Card!

BRG Happenings | PUBLISHED 11.09.17 | ADMIN

The BRG Gift Card is here! If you are looking for a special gift for someone special, take a look at the new BRG gift card. Versatile, easy, and suitable for every occasion, the BRG gift card is the perfect choice for that hard-to-buy-for loved one....

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A Taste of Fairfield - Part II

BRG Happenings | PUBLISHED 10.19.17 | Jennifer Ventresca

We kicked it into "high gear" to create a fun lounge for our VIP guests at this year's A Taste of Fairfield. The event was last Sunday, so when our team finalized the selection of merchandise to feature in the Fusion VIP Lounge sponsored by Black Rock Galleries we decided to go with a mid-century modern feel -- of course rounded out with some other pieces that exemplify ....

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Proudly Supporting The Cancer Beat

BRG Happenings | PUBLISHED 09.28.17 | Jennifer Ventresca

Social responsibility manifests itself in many ways. For some it is about environmental issues. For others it is political. For others still, it is about giving back to the community in a meaningful way. Over the years, we have tried to integrate social responsibility within our business culture by targeting local

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A Taste of Fairfield - Part I

BRG Happenings | PUBLISHED 09.25.17 | Jennifer Ventresca

If you are a Fairfield County local it is possible that you have already heard radio spots promoting the upcoming Taste of Fairfield event taking place on Sunday, October 8th at the Delamar Southport.  You may have even heard "Black Rock Galleries" mentioned a time or two.  Well, we are delighted to once again be a part of this fun

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Labor Day and Estates

BRG Happenings | PUBLISHED 09.01.17 | BRG Staff

The "working man's holiday," a.k.a. Labor Day has its roots in New York City in the 1880s as part of the burgeoning labor movement. It was a day designed to celebrate those whose labors helped (and continue to help) our nation remain strong in innovation, infrastructure,

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Super Summer Sale

BRG Happenings | PUBLISHED 07.27.17 | BRG Staff

What should we do when we have an influx of new, fresh to the market merchandise coming into our showroom? We make room for them by clearing out our massive showroom. How do we do that? We hold our super Summer Sale, of course! Starting this weekend...

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The Knick: Farewell Series, Hello Really Cool Stuff!

BRG Happenings | PUBLISHED 07.27.17 | Jennifer Ventresca

What does a gritty, turn of the century, made-for-cable-TV medical drama series have to do with today�s decorating trends? Apothecary jars, brass lighting, iron beds and rustic farm charm, that's what!

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Open Up!

BRG Happenings | PUBLISHED 07.21.17 | Jennifer Ventresca

Summer is the season for opening things up. Opening the pool. Opening day of baseball. (Okay, technically that happens in the spring, but it's for summer!) Opening the ice cold beers as you enjoy the shade of your open umbrella while dining al fresco. At Black Rock Galleries, we love openings! So much so, that we are opening our courtyard for a few days this summer.

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Happy Father's Day!

BRG Happenings | PUBLISHED 06.18.17 | BRG Staff
Happy Father's Day

The entire staff of BRG extends warm wishes this Father's Day to all fathers, step-fathers, grandfathers, foster fathers, and all men who take care of children. Enjoy your special day!

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