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Simple & Timeless Pieces Fill a Home

Design & Decor | PUBLISHED 06.15.18 | BRG Staff

BRG is pleased to have the opportunity to sell numerous unique items in our various auctions and from our luxury consignment showroom. Over the years, we have seen a multitude of unique items come and go. As you know, we love seeing the estate pieces we have sold in their new environments and showcasing BRG finds shared by our loyal customers. Fortunately, long-time BRGer, Jeff, shared some images...

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Nothing’s Out of Style, If You Have Style!

Design & Decor | PUBLISHED 01.12.18 | Jennifer Ventresca

We sometimes quip amongst our staffers that we have “a lot of brown stuff.” And while our inventory runs the full gamut from period pieces to the quirky and contemporary, we really do have quite a bit of merchandise that falls into the “brown stuff” category. So when one of our customers shares her story of ...

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Go Aubergine for 2018 (What's Trending For the New Year)

Design & Decor | PUBLISHED 12.27.17 | Jennifer Ventresca

Happy 2018! At BRG, we are incredibly thankful for a wonderful 2017 business year and look forward to yet another year of growth and success (with all our thanks to our loyal customers). We love serving our customers as the best decorating resource in Fairfield County...

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Style Your Hearth for Ultimate Holiday Wows

Design & Decor | PUBLISHED 12.15.17 | Jennifer Ventresca

Who doesn’t love sitting around a fireplace aglow with toasty warm flames dancing inside? A fireplace is often the heart of your home ... where everyone gathers together. Mankind's fascination with fire extends through the millennia

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From Dreamy Inspiration to Reality

Design & Decor | PUBLISHED 12.08.17 | Jennifer Ventresca

With little more than a magazine clipping, a bit of patience, and some savvy shopping, one BRG customer transforms her formal living room space into an eclectic and chic space perfect for holiday season hosting.

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What's in Your Gift Bag?

Design & Decor | PUBLISHED 12.06.17 | Jennifer Ventresca

We love giving gifts. It is one of the easiest ways to show those around us that we care about them. So this holiday season, why stress over finding awesome, unique gifts for the special people in your life? At BRG, we make it easy for you.

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Have Fun Setting Your Thanksgiving Table!

Design & Decor | PUBLISHED 11.09.17 | Jennifer Ventresca

Summer activities have faded away to fall clean-ups as people begin to prepare for the colder weather. Our thoughts swing towards entertaining inside our homes with plans of festive family gatherings for the upcoming holidays. There is still time to consider your Thanksgiving tablescape....

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Layering Like a Pro for Fall Daylight Saving Time!

Design & Decor | PUBLISHED 10.29.17 | Jennifer Ventresca

It is Fall Daylight Saving Time! As sunset seems to arrive much too early and sunrise seems to come much too late, we get ready to turn back our clocks by one hour on Sunday morning (Saturday night for those of you who change the clocks before heading to bed)! Is there a better way do prepare than to focus on lighting? More specifically, layering lighting....

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Feast Upon a Farm or Harvest Table this Fall

Design & Decor | PUBLISHED 10.27.17 | Jennifer Ventresca

When people hear the phrase, "farm to table" their senses are immediately captivated by thoughts of super fresh produce, meats, and cheeses that came directly from their sources to the table upon which they are set. Oftentimes, little thought is given to the tables themselves. Well, that is precisely what we are doing today -- focusing on the actual tables themselves -- farm and harvest tables, that is!

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In Their New Homes

Design & Decor | PUBLISHED 08.15.17 | Jennifer Ventresca

We love it when items that once adorned our showroom find new homes! It's especially nice when customers and designers share their photos of their favorite showroom finds in their new places.

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