Nothing’s Out of Style, If You Have Style!

Design & Decor | PUBLISHED 01.12.18 | Jennifer Ventresca

We sometimes quip amongst our staffers that we have “a lot of brown stuff.”  And while our inventory runs the full gamut from period pieces to the quirky and contemporary, we really do have quite a bit of merchandise that falls into the “brown stuff” category.  Many of our estates feature fantastic vintage and antique furniture pieces made from rich mahogany, burled, exotic, and dark-stained woods. 

So when one of our customers shares her story of making old brown stuff and current and relevant to her own design esthetic, we were very excited.  This customer, Susan, recently proved that doing so is definitely possible when she shared photos of her styled pieces in their newfound home.

Susan has been a BRG shopper for a few years now and over that time has collected several vintage and antique pieces to build her design style.  As she proudly captioned her photos, “My beautiful ‘out of style’ furniture that everybody loves.”  Susan also goes on to state, “Proving once again, nothing’s out of style, if you have style….”

We think she did an outstanding job styling her BRG finds. 


How did she do it? 

First and foremost, Susan allows the pieces to make the statements they were meant to make.  She uses accessories in a thoughtful, deliberate way and refrains from cluttering them to the point of “hiding” the beauty of the dark mahogany and burled wood tones.  

Secondly, Susan allows light to play a key role in keeping the space from feeling too dark.  Note how the library table is placed in front of a large bright window.  Similarly, the console table, while not directly near a window, is in a space where natural light fills the room.  Also, Susan’s walls are a light creamy beige which aids in maintaining a bright and airy feel.


The Library Table and Etagere

Susan’s large carved mahogany library table and English Victorian four-tier etagere with mahogany turned columns and castered legs looks fabulous with simple, well-placed pops of color.  Notice the bold, cobalt blue vase prominently featured upon the library table, balanced with other shades of blue found on the books below.  All of this is flanked to the right by a fun, bright red piece of art on the etagere.



The Parson-Style Console Table

Likewise, Susan’s placement and accessorizing of this beautiful vintage burled wood parsons style console table is fresh, fun, and totally current.  You should notice the colorful painting above, juxtaposed with an extra tall neutral lamp. Susan balances all of this with a few smaller scale pieces of sculptural art, including two brightly colored parrots.  A pair of blue, nail-trimmed velvet ottoman stools are neatly tucked under the console table making perfect use of otherwise “dead space” whilst bringing a bit of soft color to the area.


We wholeheartedly thank Susan for sharing her lovely design with us.  At BRG, we believe your home should be your sanctuary ... your happy place.  We trust that Susan’s story inspires you to embrace the “old stuff” and breath new life into wonderful pieces that stand the test of time to help you achieve the home styling you desire.

If you wish to share your own BRG shopping and decorating story with us please send us your photos along with a little background.  Send us your submission.

Happy shopping, happy decorating!



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