Become a Savvy Vintage Shopper

Tips & Tricks | PUBLISHED 04.06.18 | Jennifer Ventresca

We love it when new and veteran shoppers visit our showroom. Besides seeing the sheer amazement of our shoppers with the quality and quantity of merchandise we have in store, we enjoy hearing their stories of what brings them to shop with us.  

unique shopping for home decor, furniture, lighting, decorative accents, and more at BRG's massive showroom

Sometimes it's a new homeowner looking to decorate an entire household.  Other times, it's a shopper looking for a very specific accent piece or even a "project piece" that they can transform into something amazing.  Whatever the reason our shoppers visit, we are glad they come and are ready to assist in any way we can.

It's in that spirit that we thought it might be helpful to provide our visitors (future and current) some tips and suggestions on getting the most out of your shopping experience at BRG.  So here it goes...

  1. Bring photos!  If you have a smart phone, take some quick shots of the room(s) you wish to decorate.
  2. Take a few measurements!  Unless space in your room is really tight, your measurements do not need to be exact.  Just something to help you understand how much space you have to work with. This will also help you understand the scale of the space and which items may or may not work.
  3. Snip and clip!  Whether you are a traditionalist and use tear-outs from magazines or use Pinterest, if you see something that inspires you or speaks to your design desires, save it.  Collecting these images will help you hone your design and can help our showroom specialists in guiding you to some pieces that might best suit your style.
  4. Peruse!  We try to make online shopping easy but the shear volume of merchandise we receive daily prohibits us from photographing each and every piece and offering them online.  (Remember, we do not get hundreds of one type of piece.  Each item is individual, unique and we have 50,000+ square feet of unique, individual pieces.)  We encourage you to visit our showroom in person for a vastly greater array of available merchandise than what is visible online.
  5. Ask the experts!  Our showroom staff is happy to help you understand what each piece is as well has helping you choose the right pieces for your home.  They have a great eye for design (just look at our showroom)!  Our team can help you achieve your decorative design whether it is funky Bohemian to classic elegant.  If you are looking for something specific ... ask. If you have a question about a piece's age, style, or function ... ask.  Sometimes new inventory is being processed and have not yet made its way to the showroom, but our showroom staff "has the inside scoop" and may be able to provide you with a heads-up of sorts.  Plus, with new inventory arriving daily you never know when the item you seek may arrive the following week.  (Just another reason to come back to shop!)
  6. Have fun!  Most importantly, shopping our showroom is supposed to be fun. Take your time.  Explore.  Bring a friend or two.  Make a day of it!


Share with us!  If you have an interesting shopping experience or another tip for shopping BRG's showroom, we'd love to hear it.  Please email us with your story.


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