Mixing & Matching Like a Pro to Create an Amazing Tablescape

Tips & Tricks | PUBLISHED 12.19.17 | Jennifer Ventresca

By taking a few cues from the rich hues of green and jewel-toned magentas on a stunning set of glazed Italian asparagus themed dishes, our showroom staff curated a fun, yet elegant tablescape using a variety of patterns, colors and textures.  Learn how to layer your table by mixing and matching various patterns to create your own unique design.


It all began with a pair of covered Italian glazed asparagus serving pieces (item #70022) that inspired Roger and Amy to create a multi-colored, layered tablescape.  This particular set of ceramic covered dishes are shaped in the form of three-dimensional bunches of asparagus tied in bundles and feature brightly colored asparagus stems as well as onions and shallots upon the top of the cover. The slight crazing in the finish only adds to their allure as interesting tabletop accessories. 

From there, they could not resist including a 19th Century Austrian Porcelain Asparagus Serving Set (item #63228) which includes small rectangular dishes and a larger platter with a pierced drainage tray.  The curvilinear rectangular shapes feature a white glazing with gilt dentated edges and recessed asparagus forms and colorful hues of purples, magentas, greens, and pinks.

Now that the color palette was solidified, Roger and Amy set out to find additional pieces from our showroom to fill-in the rest of the layered dishes for the place settings.  This included a set of Limoges dinner plates (item #28362), a set of French Theodore Haviland Limoges salad/luncheon dishes (item #2366), and a set of cream soup bowls and saucers (item #8682). Oh, and by the way, they had to set all of these interesting pieces upon and equally interesting table. With a vintage mosaic top table to provide the "canvas"  (item #57091) our team was on their way to creating a tablescape masterpiece.

With that dishes selected and placed, both they opted for an eclectic mix of glassware featuring different heights, weights, and colors.  The stemware included an amazing set of green etched glasses with a decanter (item #11210), a delicate set of etched glasses with a cordial-sized cups (item #1009), and a larger etched champagne glass (item #64326).

For a little added “bling”, a mixed selection of Carlyle Hotel Silverware was chosen.  A variety of dinner forks, salad forks, steak knives, butter knives, tablespoons and teaspoons round out the entire tablescape.

Finally, the accessories and finishing touches were added, including a mix of brass and Toleware candlesticks in different heights and weights (delicate to heavy) finishes the overall table design.  With (item #55712, 9492, 55667, 27188) creating the centerpiece collection, Roger and Amy’s work was done.


Shop this look or be inspired to create your own interesting table arrangement.  BRG has a vast selection of dishes, glassware, silverware, and decorative elements that are perfect for layering and mix-n-match table designs.  Shop our showroom in person for additional pieces not available online.



Share your layered, mixed-and-matched tablescape with us.  We love to see how our customers use the items they find in our showroom.  Email your photo and story to info@blackrockgalleries.com.


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